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Attorney faces legal malpractice claims for conflict of interests

Real estate transactions typically involve great sums of money. When real estate investment is the primary function of a New York business, the investors often rely on the ethical and loyal assistance of an attorney who can offer advice and guidance on the prudence of a purchase. However, an attorney with conflict of interests can place the well-being of his or her clients in jeopardy. This is one example of legal malpractice.

Do attorneys pay for malpractice insurance?

Attorneys are not immune to making mistakes or being negligent. For clients, these mistakes or negligence can lead to serious problems, though. An attorney who doesn't return phone calls could cause a client to lose trust and eventually the case due to missing the statute of limitations.

Theater group accused of intellectual property violations

Music Theater International is a licensing agency providing official scripts, librettos and musical scores for local theater groups in New York and across the world. Because of MTI's services, communities that would otherwise have little opportunity to see popular Broadway shows can have a taste of the experience. Perhaps more importantly, those who enjoy performing can participate in quality shows with wide appeal. MTI protects the intellectual property of the authors and composers of these shows, and this promotes creativity and artistic expression.

Why does legal malpractice take place?

When you appoint an attorney to help you with a legal case, it is likely that you trust this professional to take your problems on and solve them for you. A client's relationship with an attorney is one of trust, and this means that attorneys have many responsibilities that they must fulfill. However, in the same light, relationships between attorneys and their clients can be complex. There can be some miscommunications that lead to legal disputes.

Network denies stealing idea in intellectual property litigation

Celebrities of the stature of Oprah Winfrey receive thousands of pitches a year, from potential sponsors, want-to-be talk show guests, those with ideas for program segments and book authors. Since creating her network, OWN, Oprah also receives unsolicited pitches from those in New York and across the country who have an idea for a new series. While it may be disheartening for an eager writer to receive a rejection from the OWN staff, it may lead to intellectual property litigation to then see one's idea come to life on the network.

Copyright law applied to Lady Liberty stamp dispute

It is always satisfying to artists when others recognize their vision in a work of art. For example, when an artist created a replica of the Statue of Liberty for a resort in another state, he hoped the general public would notice the contemporary, even sexy, changes he made in the statue's image. Apparently, the U.S. Postal Service did not notice those differences when it chose the image for one of its stamps. However, even a mistake can be a violation of copyright law.

Lawyer accused of legal malpractice for forging judge's signature

Clients rely on the honesty, integrity and knowledge of their attorneys during some of the darkest and most stressful times of their lives. The right lawyer on the case can bring peace of mind to someone who is struggling with a legal issue and has no idea how to proceed on his or her own. Nevertheless, there are times when an attorney, in New York or elsewhere, will act unethically or even illegally. This is legal malpractice, and it can jeopardize the outcome of a client's case.


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