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TiVo wins intellectual property litigation against Comcast

Most people in New York probably never consider that the technology they use each day is the brainchild of someone else. Such ideas do not develop out of thin air. Often the rights to these inventions are owned and patented by individuals or their companies, and other corporations may pay licensing fees to use the technology. Copyright law protects the inventors from those who would illegally profit from their inventions. When a company fails to pay the appropriate licensing fees, the patent holder has the right to seek redress through intellectual property litigation.

Does sharing on social media violate copyright law?

Social media is popular for its ability to carry ideas through networks of people at lightning speed. New York users of social media may post and share videos, pictures, quotes and other items in the hopes that they will go viral. What users of social media may not understand is that some of the items they share may be protected by copyright law.

Is video game streaming on YouTube copyright infringement?

In recent years, the popularity of online video game streaming has soared. YouTube in particular has seen the development of a booming cottage industry as gamers garner millions of views for their digital conquests. The advent of video games as a spectator sport has made streaming a viable career path for some, with YouTube’s heavier hitters collecting significant paydays from the platform’s monetization model.

Attorney faces prison, disbarred after legal malpractice

When New Yorkers reach out to an attorney, it is usually because they are in trouble and/or facing some sort of legal difficulty. They may be accused of a crime that could result in years behind bars, or they may be dealing with a financial crisis due to an injury due to an accident or medical malpractice. The client trusts that the attorney has the skill and integrity to bring about a fair and positive resolution whenever possible. Unfortunately, a small number of unscrupulous attorneys put their own interests ahead of the client, sometimes taking advantage and committing legal malpractice

Novelist and playwright embroiled in intellectual property clash

What some in New York are claiming is an example of an artist defending his rights, others describe as a bitter rivalry sparked by jealousy over a partner's success. The case involves a struggling playwright whose ex-girlfriend's first novel won critical and popular approval. He says she plagiarized his unpublished screenplay, but she contends her ex is trying to sabotage her career and reputation by claiming she stole his intellectual property.


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