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Patch and pin copies lead to intellectual property litigation

Independent artists and small-scale accessory designers may be flattered when a world-renowned fashion designer includes their pieces in a new collection. Such recognition and exposure could be just the nudge that turns a cottage industry into a corporation. However, a small group of artists is not flattered, especially when the famous designer allegedly gave no credit to the true designer of the items he included in his newly-revealed collection. The artists are now trying to regain control of their designs through intellectual property litigation in New York civil court.

Copyright law is no game

For some New York families, winter brings special traditions, such as long hours playing board games. Although the popularity of board games has waned, many vintage games have new life in electronic versions and apps. Such is true for one of the most beloved and enduring board games, The Game of Life. The future of this game hangs in the balance now due to a recently filed lawsuit concerning copyright law.

Legal malpractice when a lawyer files suit against wrong company

When a New York family loses a loved one in a horrific accident, they typically have a great deal on their minds in the days and weeks following the accident. There are family members and friends to contact, funeral arrangements to make and personal emotions to deal with. When the question arises of seeking potential compensation from those allegedly liable for the accident, many families leave that in the hands of a capable lawyer. However, one family in another state may now be adding filing a legal malpractice lawsuit to the list of things they have to do.

Lebron James brands his intellectual property through trademarks

It is no secret that athletes can be an inspiration to people. Millions of fans watch their favorite sports, often spending outrageous money to see certain players perform in person. The average New York fan who, in childhood, tried Little League, high school football or dance lessons knows the physical and mental sacrifices that must be made to excel in a sport. This may be why fans appreciate the inspirational quotes and proverbs an athlete may come up with. For Lebron James, these quotes become part of his intellectual property.


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